You Might Need To Compromise A Little

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Any number of people have probably woken up one morning and thought “It’d certainly be easier to get out of bed today if I worked in a job I loved!“. But the cruel fact is that most of us do not work in jobs we love. I don’t imagine that that is news to many people – we may like or tolerate our jobs, but some people hate theirs and others just have a low-level resentment at having to do something boring.

You may have people tell you that Adsense allows you to make money from doing things that you would do anyway. While there may be some spirit of truth in that suggestion, it is not wholly truthful. If you really, truly adore Greek mythology, the truth of the matter is that that’s not massively likely to pay off for you online, and certainly it won’t make you rich through Adsense.

Compromise is something that the average worker in any country does every single day. If we had our way, most of us would wake up in the morning and decide to have a duvet day – but we wouldn’t get paid so we bite the bullet and go in to work. Making money through Adsense has a similar tone – you may have to write content about something you’re not wild about if you want clicks.

While this may all sound quite fatalistic – “you can’t make money and have fun” – the most important point to remember is that you can make real money without a lot of work. Be prepared to work smart rather than hard, and you can make a killing through Adsense.



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