Does Blogging Fit In With Adsense?

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Building a website takes time, money (usually) and effort. If your sole goal is to turn around a website that pays off for Adsense purposes, than you may be one of a growing number of people who feels that the effort that goes into building a website is not really repaid by the financial return that comes from Adsense. You could probably be making more money doing something easier.

It is accepted by many that the easiest way to gain a personal, undivided presence online is to set up a blog. The page is largely your own, but it is more or less automatically structured and maintained because it is put together using a content management system. You can tweak it to a greater or lesser extent, but it is pretty much ready to go from the moment you sign up.

How well does blogging fit in with Adsense? The truth of the matter is that it depends what you are doing – are you adding advertisements to your blog, or are you blogging to advertise? The difference is small but crucial. In the former, you can’t expect many people to click because you aren’t setting up for commercial success. Your blog may be fun to read, but it is not ad-friendly.

If you want to make a blog commercially successful, you need to learn a few salient facts. Firstly, you likely won’t see big money until you have upwards of a hundred posts. Secondly, the more you personalise it the less you monetise it. Unless you’re already a household name, you cannot blog for money and for fun – just as you can’t expect to sell advertising space during your conversations with friends.

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