Adsense Mistakes #12 – It’s Simple, But Not THAT Simple

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The simplicity and automatic nature of Adsense can go one of two ways. Some people can think that, with the seeming simplicity of the program, there must be more to it – and drive themselves mad trying to find the “secret” of success. Others can settle on the fact that it is simple and think that they do not need to do anything to make it pay – and they are just as misguided.

Adsense will do most of the work for you. But that’s the point – most does not equal all. If you are building a house, you will leave most of the work to builders, but don’t assume that everything has been done and move in or put it on the market, because you need to make sure that it is what you wanted. Don’t think that money will come to you without your input, because that’s not workable.

There are tweaks and changes that you can make with Adsense, to make the ads fit in better with your content and the look of your website. For example, leaving the default settings on can make the ad stand out a mile, and if you do this on a site that does not fit in with it you might as well just have a sign pointing to the ad saying “THIS IS AN AD. CLICK IT NOW, PLEASE. I WANT MONEY.”.

An hour or so spent playing with the settings to make the ads fit in better with the look of your site can mean the difference between lots of clicks and hardly any. Such a small amount of work for potentially a higher return is really not too much to expect. Do yourself a favor by getting it right out of the gate.

Sample Banner
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