Adsense Mistakes #11: Not Knowing Your Keywords

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If it seems like there is a lot to remember about Adsense, then there is a reason for that – it is. Sometimes it takes almost as much knowledge not to do the wrong thing as it takes to do the right one. Sometimes you don’t have to specifically apply that knowledge, but just avoid going against it. So for anyone who feels that there is a contradiction between “don’t rely on keywords” and “make sure you use keywords”, it’s important to know where the safe ground lies.

You shouldn’t specifically rely on keywords because they can be overused and make a mess of your content. However, you need to have them there because they are important in terms of attracting visitors. It’s like making a chilli. You need to have some peppers in there or it won’t be spicy – but add too many and it’s inedible.

What you need to do is use the right keywords, and use them enough to attract visitors. You might wonder what the right keywords are, and there is a ready-made tool to help you with this – the Google Keyword Tool. You have a subject in mind, and you enter this into the Google Keyword Tool, which furnishes you with the highest-paying keywords.

Your task from there is to put these keywords, in large enough quantities, into your content so as to attract advertisers (and to pull in readers who will click on those advertisements. The more attractive the keywords, the more visitors you will get – and your role is to fit these words into good content.

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